Monday, September 9, 2019

Why Can't We Get A "Clear" Image of a UFO?

Six frames of a shape changing orb ufo near the Hollywood Bowl
6 Frames of Shape Changing UAP near the Hollywood Bowl

People Have Difficulty Focusing Because of the "Titter" Factor
Its Difficult to Use A Zoom Lens On A Moving Object
Because You Can't Plan It
Many to Most Don't Have Software To Analyze
A-lot of UFOs Are Not "nuts and bolts" Objects...
Because of Visual Artifacts From Phase Between Dimensional Fields
People Won't Believe The "Clear" Ones Anyway
Maybe Its Just Not Time Yet - After I got the Nikon P900

I've heard the comment over and over again...

I'll see an interesting UAP video appear online, sometimes actually getting coverage on a major news broadcast. 

A lot of people will marvel at it and maybe comment on a detail or two, but then inevitably someone gets a little snarky and pipes up with something like:

"Yeah, but...when is someone actually going to get a CLEAR shot of one?"

While I understand their frustration, the answer to this question is a little more complex than somebody just not "trying". 

I live in a bit of a "hot spot" and have had enough experience trying to capture the anomalous  activity overhead that I could at least help to answer this question.

Why can't we see a really clear picture of a "UFO"?

People Have Difficulty Focusing Because of the "Titter" Factor

A less nice way of saying it...alot of people's heads come close to imploding when talking about this.  And then they just can't see.  

Let's face it, its not an easy subject to talk about.

The foundation of alot of this lies in the acronym: "unidentified flying object" has been largely been construed as "flying saucer with little green man inside"...  In actuality, it could be referring to a whole slew of things, but if you end of saying "UFO" to the wrong people at the wrong time, you can literally HEAR their hind quarters...well, "tighten".

Over the last several decades this has created nightmares for people who found themselves in a positions where they are forced to describe these objects.  Pilots especially, were between a rock and a hard place...  Following regulations reporting safety concerns is a requirement...but what if it makes you sound like you're hallucinating?

The same neurosis and paranoia even effects online groups...people who deliberately engage in online discourse on this subject!  No one wants to sound "crazy", so the term eventually morphed to UAP, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.  Sometimes you'll hear just, aerial anomaly.  Then there are some SO afraid of sounding "nuts", they just call every UFO video they see a "drone" or a "balloon"  (And I mean like EVERY one), and then spend the remaining time calling the experiencer a nut. 

No doubt, I've had my share of people who won't even view my video before accusing me of posting a balloon.  But when I press them to explain the physics and science of what they are accusing, they either reduce the conversation to insults and name-calling, or simply just disappear.

So much anger.  If its so stressful for them why do these guys come to an online UAP discussion in the first place…?  

Shouldn’t they be looking at something much more relaxing?  

Like, say…puppies???

The point is by the end of the day, the comments can largely disintegrate into endless drivel about balloons and cgi hoaxes...

No scientific contribution.  No data.  No analysis of flight characteristics, surface appearance or possible spectra data.  You find you won't learn a THING about UAPs.  Nothing but a swamp of  balloon conjecture...  Seriously. This is the first huge barrier. 

So here is a deliberate effort to carry a discussion about UAPs past the uncomfortable "titter" stage and bring in some data from experience.

And this is a great time to remind people that there is not the mass of balloons flying over downtown Hollywood on a daily basis.  In fact, they don't vend them in the neighborhood because there are too many low flying planes overhead. 

To be clear, this is not an article about "balloons", but about shape changing orb-UFOs...or energy masses that appear all over the Los Angeles area and across the US, and the several reasons why its hard to get a clear image” of one. 

The first major hurdle is in our minds....  

And I have total compassion for that.  Watching some online videos are mindblowing…you only BEGIN to realize how odd it was for the person filming it, right?

Then you have logistical issues, like:

Its Difficult to Use A Zoom Lens On A Moving Object

After my first major sighting which lasted around 10 minutes at Red Rock Canyon in Nv, I decided it was time to get a video camera with a strong zoom lens.

I got a 720p Canon FS300 with 41x optical zoom. This was back in 2010.

Since then, I've captured several unknown objects with it, and when I didn't happen to have it on hand, I used an iphone 5 or SE.

Despite the zoom strength or resolution of either, I've only been able to get into an object, "so-close".


Because it's hard to do!

Los Angeles UFO

Try filming a faraway plane in flight with a powerful zoom lens, tripod or not.  You'll find that the closer you zoom into the object, the less you can move the camera without risking completely moving it out of frame.  If the object is moving, its even harder.

Even if its moving slowly.  Try doing this with a tripod and a powerful zoom on say, Venus.  The closer you get in, the less time you have to film before it moves out of the way.

This was painfully obvious the day I was trying to capture this shape changing object with that same Canon in March of 2013.  I was grateful to have gotten anything, because besides the zoom factor, I was also dealing with...


Your heart-rate increases, the camera begins to shake a little, and that zoom shot is blown until you can calm down and try again.  You breathe in deep, try to brace yourself against something large and steady...a fence, a gate, a tree, and try to keep the bright object in the viewfinder while zooming in.

While this is happening, your mind is fluctuating between complete calm to “what is that?!” over and over again.  Eventually someone in the distance yelled they saw it. Time felt like it stood still and sped up..back and forth.

Even with a tripod, too many elements are coming together, and if you don't have a good sense of coordination, the sighting may well be over by the time you get the object in frame. 

Because You Can't Plan It

Another reason why its hard to get a good shot:  You can't plan this!

They...whatever they up when they want to...often when least expected.

After the March 2013 sighting, I tried to carry my camera with me where ever I went...and nothing would show up.  I’d watch and look and wait and nothing anomalous would appear…at all.    

Then when I least expected it, perhaps during a zen walk for instance, an object that moved ever so weirdly would appear, and I wouldn’t have the Canon with me.  I would have no choice but to pull out the iphone and try to film what I could.

While I would love to have a tripod and an optical zoom with me at all times, its just not possible.  Even if I did, trying to get “set up” in time to get the shot would be just as impossible.  

Many to Most Don't Have Software To Analyze

Often the person filming the object wont zoom in, so you'll just see a faraway dot moving in the sky.

With capable software, you can digitally zoom in to the object as well as slow down the frame rate.  This allows you to get a better view of the flight characteristics and features that make it “anomalous”.  Through the process of discovering this, we find that:

Videos Tell A Much Better Story Than a Few Stills

I mention this specifically because its quite common for people to post a still shot of their sighting, and then the viewer will have a rough time understanding what they’re looking at. 

Before long the plastic bag, drones, birds and blob accusations start to fly…when if they were able to really look closely at things like motion, vector and changing surface texture, they might take pause.

With simple still shots, its very hard for the experience to translate because you really don't get a sense of the "movement" of these objects.  Once you get a sense of how the objects are actually moving...oftentimes changing color and shape while they do, then it opens up even more doors to other data we might be able to analyze.  

Shape changing Orb UFO

This is one of the most anomalous captures I’ve experienced filming.  This object was immediately overhead as I walked outside.  I filmed about two minutes before it flew out of eye-range towards the south. 

Shape changing Orb UFO

Once again, I couldn’t have planned this if I had tried, and if I had not pulled out the iphone "right away" and used the optical zoom I never would have captured it at all. 

Shape changing Orb UFO

A still appears to look like anything from a sphere to an angled looking orb.  

Shape changing Orb UFO

A simple slow motion gif of the object changing direction shows much more…featuring a sparking on the corner as it curves right.

When watching the entire video which shows the long, medium and closeup views, you really get a sense of how anomalous this experience was.  This object literally does the 90 and 45 degree angle turns often observed with these objects. 

Once again, no one can always be carrying a tripod and a large camera with them, and in this case they wouldn't have gotten it set up in time to get this shot.  I’m grateful to have had something with me to film it at all.

Another reason to take note, the majority of people writing about UFO sightings are referring to "night time" sightings, with the assumption that they never happen at daytime.  This is a myth, and another reason to occasionally "look up" during the day.  They are there a-lot  of these objects that show up during the day as well.

One significant thing I’ve noticed, at least so far, in terms of the daytime sightings I’ve seen posted online, there seems to be some evidence that:

A-lot of UFOs Are Not "nuts and bolts" Objects...

Some of the most prevalent and unnecessary online abuse comes from people viewing a UFO video expecting to see a “nuts and bolts” craft.  

Claiming to be coming from a "scientific approach", they will spend an incredible amount of energy accusing the poster of filming “balloons” (what else is new?) while completely ignoring the fact that the majority of anomalous objects filmed these days are probably are something much more complex…something more “biological” than nuts and bolts.


Yes…I know that’s a-lot and very “ooh-ahh”, so here’s a puppy for a little breathing time. 

The fact is, over time, if you read contactee accounts where your average “Joe” has been taken aboard an ET spacecraft, the majority of them will say the ETs told them their craft are either biological or incorporate a huge amount of biological technology.  (On the other hand, the ones who have encountered a nuts and bolts craft, and I mean literally with rivets and such, have probably seen a reverse engineered craft.  Its just rumor, but good to be safe and not get too near it as several of those models have been known to be extremely radioactive!  Just my personal speculation.)

Could these "orbs" be smaller versions of actual craft, or are they some kind of actual biological being we haven’t classified yet that can change form, colour, and opacity?  Can they disappear at will, or are they crossing over into another bio field we can’t see with the naked eye?  Are some of these objects actually intra-terrestrial as well?

It took me awhile to stop asking for help with investigating this from online groups who just wanted to talk about snark and balloons, and to really begin looking at a lot of videos….all data I could find…to see what "in common" people were filming.
I noticed most objects, at least ones captured in daytime, take on several forms of plasma.  Some are light, some are orbs, some are dark orbs or energy, and some look metallic.  (Indeed, since I had the experience filming the dark plasma orbs, I've seen them pop up in people's landscape videos having nothing to do with UAPs. In other words the person would be completely unaware they captured something until I pointed it out.) 

When I finally tripped over the work of Jay Alfred, from his, Plasma Aliens From a Parallel Earth - Biological Ufos and Their Effects, I was elated to read his confirmation of my discoveries. 

Plasma UFOs can therefore appear shiny like metal (i.e. reflecting all the waves from external sources, including radio waves from radar which consequently appears “solid” to the radar), black (i.e. absorbing the waves and not re-emitting), translucent or transparent (i.e. allowing waves to pass through the plasma from external sources and/or light from within the plasma to  emanate out from the plasma in the arc or glow modes). These plasma UFOs can therefore manipulate the de-gree of opacity and intensity of radiation of their bodies by changing their internal plasma frequencies (just as we can tense or relax our muscles) – allowing the bodies to apparently appear, disappear or fade away.

So now we yet another “what if” to consider when trying to talk about supposed UFO captured on video. WE should always be asking “what kind”, and what the actual experience is like.  So many of these encounters happen at synchronous and serendipitous times, there is no doubt a "conscious" element to them.

I am still trying to figure out how many of the "foo fighters" spotted by 40s pilots were orbs?

What about the sphere in a box UFOs as described by Navy pilots recently?
Several of the captures people are posting are of the “shape changing” orbs.

Shape changing Orb UFO - West Hollywood, CA

Shape changing Orb UFO - West Hollywood, CA

Once again, very difficult to translate or describe with still photographs…as in this experience filmed in West Hollywood in 2018.

Gif Shape changing Orb UFO - West Hollywood, CA

A slow motion gif shows how this “orb” looked multi faceted, often manifesting with angular features, as well as flashing blue and red colours.  

The entire video, while not the best edit, gives more of a context of the experience.  I believe I filmed it for a little less than four minutes.  
Its impossible for me to call this some kind of nuts and bolts craft, but its definitely unidentified and doesn't appear to be linked to any kind of earthlights from seismic activity or something like that.   Those appear to last a much shorter time from what I've seen so far.

What IS common is a twisting movement to its field...a kind of torsion field in action, like this object filmed in Jan of 2018.

Shape changing Dark Plasma Orb UFO - Hollywood, CA

Is it possible that the supposed "drones" spotted at Gatwick Airport and others were the same as any of the "dark orbs" being filmed all over the world?

Shape changing Dark Plasma Orb UFO - Hollywood, CA

This gif shows an embossed version of a “dark orb” captured over Hollywood.  Notice how the texture of the object changes as it spins, with an indention appearing on one side.  This is no balloon, but a dark plasma orb changing shape.  It actually changed colour as well. 

The entire experience is posted here.

Some may be energy masses…  Can they change or turn into solid objects?
I have no idea.  But utilizing scientific methods includes looking at several of the characteristics mentioned above, with many, many videos from all over.  At one point we will naturally begin to put the clues together.

Because of Visual Artifacts From Phase Between Dimensional Fields

Okay, this is where it gets REALLY weird…

….so I’m going to post a “puppy” here…just in case.  

Believe it or not, there have been two contactees who have commented specifically on what they have been told about “UFO” images.  They both have to do with witnessing/filming a phase shift between dimensions, and I find this completely fascinating.  

We often hear about the “dimensions” that encase our collective reality.  The New Agers have been speaking of an ongoing raise in vibration happening on the planet that will result into a collapse of dimensions, or an unveiling, or a collective raise in vibration depending on who you are talking to.  

In a contactee account called The LaCerta File, the subterranean being interviewed is actually asked to analyze several images of UFOs.  Of the one she deemed “authentic”, she stated…

And then Andromedan contactee Alex Collier talks about “a shift” going on at this time, where the dimensions are in essence “collapsing” while the overall frequency is increasing. 

Here he mentions “rods” and other etheric objects increasingly filmed by folks. 

This “rod” was captured with a Nikon P900 (that I mention below) between two buildings, at least 75 feet away flying between a 12 foot wide area.  

Is this some kind of blend-over from the neighboring dimension?  

This just a question.  I don’t have the answer.  

Here's another puppy just for safety...

People Won't Believe The "Clear" Ones Anyway

Closeup of UFO over Los Angeles - March 2013

I’ve seen and experienced this several times.  The more vivid or clear an image is…just enough to show a clear object between phase, the less people believe it and the more they will try to identify it as something else.  

People get all angry and scream cgi and hoax, they try to sabotage your video ratings, and once again, you want to just pull out the puppy photos to calm things down.  

People’s “identifications” will be all over the place, going from a balloon to a fuzzy plane to a hang-glider ( hang gliders over LA), to Photoshop, to Venus.  Yes...really...someone told me the photo below is a daytime image of Venus.  The time of day I filmed this, Venus was right next to the sun, and I would have burned my retinas out had I attempted to film it!

Closeup of UFO over Los Angeles - March 2013

I'm not claiming this is a "space ship"...I have no idea what this is.  

But its none of the things I've been accused of filming and posting.

The same thing went on with the Joshua Tree video.  

UFO Takeoff at Joshua Tree

Looking back, it was some kind of shape changing energy mass that morphed several times…appeared once by our truck, 

Pod UFO Joshua Tree

then somehow swooped down and flew close to the ground towards the tree, then took off.  It apparently wanted to be seen.  

That's literally the best explanation I can provide, yet I’ve been accused of “faking” it.  I don’t know cgi, and couldn’t “fake” this if I tried. 

And, as usual, so much energy went into trying to identify this as a bug, hummingbird, cgi...anything but what it just WAS…that little if any word was discussed on actual video analysis or how to do so.  And once again, I'm not the only one.  This is common with most of the "clear" ones I've seen posted online.  

People's brains largely go into "too much information" mode.  

All this naturally didn’t prevent me from having the normal human response…maybe if I had a camera with a stronger zoom and present day resolution, I could maybe zoom in close to one of these.

Yeah..that's it…!  

Maybe Its Just Not Time Yet - After I Got The Nikon P900

I got a Nikon P900.  Of course I was very excited, living here in a UFO hotspot. I was looking forward to getting in closer to one of these orbs.  I even had a tripod now.  A good deal of the orbs I had seen were at a medium to low cloud level….all I had to do was “wait”..right?

Well, as I said just can't plan this stuff.

It was a warm, clear evening and the sun was barely setting, so I grabbed the equipment and setup to film the moon.  It was amazingly gorgeous, with a cobalt blue sky in the background, and the major zoom providing me with a view mostly relegated to telescopes.  I never knew a camera would get in that close!

I filmed several passes...always taking great care to adjust the tripod so that it would capture most of the moons moving arc.  At one point, there was a "feeling" that I might be filming just a bit more, but most of my focus was in keeping the moon in frame.

Once again...the closer you are zoomed in, the less "time" you have to film a moving object unless you have precision equipment you can follow it with.  Even in this shot, there is a little shaking…coming directly from the breeze blowing on the camera.  (Yes..I know I need a better tripod)

When I looked at the clips later that evening, I was astonished, amazed, a little intimidated, and humbled.  Like kind of embarrassed…humbled.  Like a joke had been played on me.  I had been punk’d.

The view of the moon was spectacular...but there, in one of the clips, some seconds in, an object enters the screen from the left, and transits the moon...for over a minute!

I was like, “come on”!  This IS a satellite, right?

UFO Transiting the Moon w Nikon P900

I immediately checked the several satellite and space debris databases for that see if what I was filming was some kind of a satellite.  No go...  Even Stellarium shows that absolutely no satellites were transiting the area at the time.

UFO Transiting the Moon w Nikon P900

Comparing to other "moon transit" videos online, satellites move much faster and pass by in a fraction of a second.  The captures of the ISS transiting the moon show the same thing.

Gif UFO Transiting the Moon w Nikon P900

On the other extreme its like, “so you thought you might get in close, huh?  Well, let’s remind you what ‘close’ really is, and that you don’t plan this…!”  
Okay…here’s a puppy just in case.  

So…to ask again…why can’t we get a clear image of a UFO? 

Where?  How far away?  When?  I couldn’t have planned this in a million years.  Other than the issues mentioned above…maybe its not “time” to get a clear image yet(?)  

Back to square one...Only thing to do is keep accumulating and sharing grassroots data...

This is obviously a collective "journey", and we should treat it as thus instead of expecting easy answers from one central authority figure. We ultimately all have a piece of the puzzle, so we’ll assemble the larger picture mostly with and through each other.  

Gratefully, there are several others out there who are sighting these objects and sharing their experiences.  All of these help as frames of reference for others when they start to have their own encounters.  

I truly believe that the closer we reach that critical mass of working together…in all fields…not just the study of UAPs…”they” will very much get closer and clearer to us all…but we’ll be ready!