Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Split Second Thought, and Then Just When I Least Expected It…My Very Recent Encounters with Jaws and the UFO

One of the reasons I started writing a bit more publically is because I thought it would be productive to share some of the more strange coincidences/synchronicities I’ve experienced in a humourous light.  

The irony is that there seems to have been SO MUCH experience in the last few months, I’m having a bit of trouble keeping up with the writing.  

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted…and it’s seemed like a whirlwind since then. 

Basically, I’ve been dealing with lots and lots of NOISE.  A condo has been under construction across from my apartment for the last two years, so if I’m at home, I hear that during the day.  THEN, they installed a new boiler in the basement, so for the last two winters, at night, my apartment physically vibrated and sounded like I was in a dryer.  It would vibrate and drone for 8 minutes, then shut off for about a minute and a half, then it would start again...for you guessed it, another 8 minutes.  This went on the entire night, and I had to wear earplugs to sleep.  

Earplugs at night, earplugs during the day it was.

So now I’m in a new place and, well…that’s another story.  TMI.

All I know is that life seems to have gotten a bit more surreal since November of last year.  It’s like they replaced the furnace with some mechanism that creates a torsion field of random manifestation.
Like that evening I had to go to the Universal Costume department for a fitting.  I had to be there at 630pm, and chose to take the Red Line over because it was a convenient way to go round trip.  Little did I know I would have a twenty minute walk through the front and back lots of Universal to get there. 

Which is fine.  I’m no stranger to walking.  Even in LA. 

But it was DARK.  I’m intimidated by large, monolithic structures anyway, but when they are very dimly lit like New York street was that night, it makes the trip extra spooky.  I kept my mind on the directions though, grateful that I didn’t have to walk through that fishermans cove where the Jaws exhibit was.  It’s one thing to see it during the day, but I wasn’t up to seeing those boats on the lake in the dark.  My imagination was way too active.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I got to the large lake that was used for Gilligans Island, and such.  But it was really dark.  I stopped for just a moment to catch my breath.  I had been walking pretty fast, and not only did I need to rest just a moment, but I needed to let my eyes adjust to the darkness that lay ahead on James Stewart Blvd.  

I turned to my right, and…well, how can I put this?  

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you HEARD yourself say something?  Like something not so voluntary?

Well, I heard myself say…..”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

As I turned to my right, I found myself looking down the mouth of one of the 15ft sharks from the Jaws exhibit!!!!  It was on a 20ft trailer, out of the water for maintenance…and apparently to say a special hello to Jimi. (Credit and thanks to Mark of Worthingtonm, OH at for the photo)

I felt my face turn all kinds of shades of red as I saw the maintenance man in the truck next to it picking his nails and smoking.  All this time I’m subtly thinking about this bloody shark, and wala!  Visit in the dark!

…but then there came a daytime visit.

So I have to admit, the shark story makes me laugh…and I had to share it with someone.  But I marvel at the parallels of the last few weeks in terms of having some seemingly impossible event in the back of your mind, and then suddenly finding yourself confronting it.

I could get into my recent adventure with having my identity stolen, but I feel it’s a whole lot more fun to talk about the UFO.

Ummmm….yeah.  I know that is a very strange sentence to read.  You can imagine how my friends feel trying to follow me during discussions.  My place a vibrating dryer, I ran into a land shark, and I filmed a UFO.

There’s a point where the craziness of life reaches a such crescendo that a UFO sighting has a grounding and sanity making effect by comparison.  

Let me start by saying first off, I don’t know what this is..

Let me explain myself again regarding this subject matter.  Yes, I have a fascination with the skies being an Air Force brat all.  So that means I’m looking at the skies often, whether its observing planes, satellites or Goodyear Blimps (wink). 

And I’ve seen a few UFO’s in my day.  Usually they’ve been very few and far between over the many, many years since childhood, but in the last five or so years I’ve had increasing random sightings.

It wasn’t until the very long sighting I experienced with a friend back in 2010 that I decided to get a decent video camera with a good zoom lens.  That sighting was the longest I had ever experienced…it went on between 8 and 10 minutes, and I felt it would be fun to actually catch one on tape one day.

I correlate this story to my meeting with Jaws in the dark at Universal, because like that night, I was walking up the sidewalk with a friend towards my place, and busy.  We were in a hurry to get back to go over some written material, and I was definitely all business….  I had maybe thought about ET because I saw the sign for the offices of Amblin Entertainment during my walk, but interacting with lights in the sky was the last thing on my mind that afternoon.  I had living situations to settle.

That was until I looked up and noticed that the silver dot that would normally be a small plane on its way to Santa Monica Airport was not moving as quickly as it should. 

In fact, it wasn’t moving at all.  It was just hovering there.  We were a bit more than a stone’s throw from the famous Capitol Records building in Hollywood, so anyone could have looked up and saw the bright glint in the sky.  It was a sunny Saturday, people were on the move, and I was the only one that seem to stop and notice.

I said the same thing to my friend then, that I said to my friend during the sighting in 2010…”please tell me that’s a balloon, right?”

Although this time the response was definitely different…

“I haveta pee”, he said.


I looked up again and it didn’t seem to be moving off anywhere, so I ran down the long hallway, unlocked the door, and grabbed the video camera, and ran back outside, fully expecting it to be gone.
This is what I saw.  

I’m beginning to get a bit far-sighted, so I had no idea what I was capturing at the time.  It just looked like a brilliant dot in the viewfinder, and I did the best I could to support myself to keep the frame as still as possible.  I did this all the while making fun of this woman I saw in a UFO documentary once…  I thought it was hilarious the way she pronounced hover….she pronounced it HOE-ver.  So of course, being the smart ass mimic that I can be, I had to repeat this as I’m videotaping what I was more than halfway convinced was a mylar balloon.

Well, now that I see that I caught this orb changing colour and morphing into a vivid three point triangle…well, I feel like an ass.  

Sorry for making fun of you “hoe-ver” lady.   

I never thought it would happen to me.  Now, I have a UFO on camera?

And of course I have a zillion questions.  Is this an optical illusion?  Is it one of the experimental craft our government is working on?  Is it a natural phenomenon of some kind of magnetics with the sun?  It appears David Sereda filmed a similar object. Is this the same kind of craft as the black triangles witnessed closer to civilian populations, or something entirely different? Some will ask if it has anything to do with HAARP.  I really don’t know…but as I find answers, I’m dedicated to sharing.  I'll be asking everyone in the community who can give me an answer. 

In the meantime, if you wish to politely share what you know about these sightings, and I’m asking people to stay polite, I’m interested to hear what you might think this is.  

More disclosure stuff to come.