Saturday, February 16, 2019

Analyzing UFO Videos - Why That Utah "UFO" Footage Is Not a Bird - Falcon - Hawk

There are times in life where we get a little bit of confirmation...a quiet little message whispering, don't're not the only one.  And then I breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

I recently had this experience when I happened upon the much talked about filmmakers drone footage taken in Utah.  My mouth just dropped open.  Finally I was watching someone have a similar experience as I have been having...down to the type of objects being filmed.

And not only that, there were several researchers actually taking it seriously for a minute and discussing it, up, around and thru trying to understand what they are seeing. 

I take this a a bit of a personal victory and a-ha I get to "watch" prominent researchers go through the twists and turns of this rabbit hole like I have.  

Looks Like Several Luminous Daytime UFO Captures

I took a look at the original video on YouTube several times.  It had the characteristics of several daytime captures I have filmed of whitish objects over the last year. 

A Very Bright Object -  showing a luminousity during the daytime with a blue sky behind.  The light can be with reflective or white, or will actually change colour.

Can Exhibit Hover, Slow, or Extreme Speed Flight Characteristics - although there have been some that have hovered or moved relatively slowly, others will streak in and out of the frame extremely fast.   Several people will find captures like these in vacation videos...sometimes years later. 

The video featured above here was sent in by a friend.  A "white" object that changes shape streaks above the Thunderbirds demonstrating below.  I've heard people both call this a bug or cgi, even though it makes noise.  It is neither.  I include it to provide some context.  This also changes shape and moves extremely fast.

Change of texture - there can also a change of texture of the object.  Another way of saying it would be that the surface features of the object change, with spots, holes, ports, slats, and even fractal patterns manifesting. 

Unusual shape or changes shape - the object will often be spherical, cylindrical, rectangular, or may even have irregular angular features to it.  Several objects change shape as they maneuver as in this one. The video above is a good example of this.

So basically, from my experience, there is alot more to analyzing a video than just saying, "it has to be a bird" and then trying to justify the response by talking about camera chip technology.  From my experience, a film of a bird...well...looks like a bird.  You see movement, flapping, etc.  If it were a "still" photo, you have much less evidence to go on...but if you're filming, a bird has specific movements...even when its soaring.  

After listening to how some were analyzing this, I downloaded it and went thru my usual process.  I was anxious to see what other clues I found that others may not be mentioning yet. 

What I Looked At

Listened to the experiencer - Yes.  That's right.  Listen to the experiencers story! It makes a difference.  If the experiencer says they were filming a hovering object in a gusty wind, and someone rails on and on about that object being a "balloon", well...that person is not much of a researcher because he completely ignored the posters info. 

In this particular case, they are Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie.  The above video is an interview with one of them, explaining the entire experience from filming to discovery.  I'm observing some "de-bunkers" making wild accusations about these two people--including Brian Hanley---yet none of them have bothered to interview them.  Why?

If the experiencer writes a description of the event, read it, or listen to it, and then ask questions if you can.  It may help tremendously. 


Slow it down - Often these objects go by SO fast that they are hard to see at first.  if you have the software to do so, slow it down and scrub the film frame by frame. (Click on Slow Motion to go directly to slo-mo section of video)

In the case of this Utah object, it starts from way back...

Then you can see the way it moves or flies.  We don't see any flapping but there does seem to be an angular movement to its right.


Zoom in closer - Zooming in closer allows me to check out features of the surface...even if they are pixelated.  

Zooming in also allows shape change and flight characteristics to be seen.  The above zoom shows how the object is literally vertical before banking left and buzzing the camera. (Click on "Zoomed Stills" link above to go directly to photos of object)

Brightness, contrast, gamma - can be adjusted to bring out more of the surface features of the object, or the overall shape of the object in general.  I'm still learning how to use these, so I am no expert by far. 



Emboss - this can be extremely useful as it gives a reverse impression of the object so you can more clearly see its actual shape.   (Click on "Emboss Section" to go directly to embossed version of object)

Object tipped to the left, almost completely vertical.

Object banks to the right

Clear view of object embossed.

In this case, the shape is more of a "Y" shape or that of a "flux capacitor" from Back to the Future than a bird.  


If this is in fact a bird, I think it warrants as much attention as a possible UFO as its the first bird ever discovered that actually flies sideways.  What kind of bird would that be?  Surely not an earth falcon or hawk.

Whatever the answer, the debate will continue, hopefully from several angles and points of view.  This is just the beginning. 

In the meantime, I am still "searching" for someone who knows even more about analyzing these kinds of videos.  What other software can be used?  How do we measure "spectra" data?  Is there a way to measure the type and degree and composition of the luminosity of one of these objects?  What other captures out there are similar to this one?  If I "were" trying to make sure it was not a cgi image, how else could I determine that?  

In other words, there are a zillion questions and ways to analyze these videos.

It helps to be patient and continue to be in "data gathering" mode and connect the dots little by little.  Also helps to avoid dramas like trying to dissect people's behaviour, motivations and psychology, accusing people of malcontent and "making money" and getting "publicity".  

Really, most are just trying to share a mind blowing experience.  

Listen to the interview above.  His voice shakes a bit when he talks about deciding to share it almost three years later.  

I remember when I found the Joshua Tree object (above) "after" the fact...  I looked at that thing hundreds of times, and got so freaked out that I had to put it away and not look at it for months until I finally pulled it out again and posted the footage.  

These events are weird...that's why experiencers eventually share them.  They need a little help processing the weirdness too.  Okay?  So calling them haoxers doesn't help anyone, least of all the one making the accusation.

Will Continue to Happen
This is happening a lot these days and will continue to happen as time goes on.  Analyze truthfully as possible and discuss, try not to remain attached, and keep your eyes open for more videos and sightings.  The answers will continue to flow.  

For the ones who are obsessed with hoaxes, cgi, negative human motivations, making money and publicity, and all the other accusations hurled at people who find themselves in this rabbit-hole...well...

...try it.  Go out and experiment.  Go out and film and see what you find.  People have experimented with this phenomenon and have been blown away at what they've seen.  It's not as uncommon as people think it is. Personal experience is everything....I encourage researchers to seek their own experiences.