Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Politics or UFO's: They're Using The Same Tactics --- (Coming Out of the "I Saw A UFO" Closet Part 3)

[THIS SERIES OF ARTICLES is meant for everyone, but are especially written for the new “UFO experiencer” who has had a recent event observing or filming a UFO, and is quickly learning what it can be like sharing it with others. This little primer will highlight how while filming unconventional objects in the sky is a strange event, it's no where near as strange as "sharing it" with other people!]

Here is a short clip of Frank Mannor expressing regret that he "ever said anything" about his experience with seeing a UFO.  He probably thought if he had captured what he saw on film, people would believe him.  Or would they...?  (Courtesy CBS) 

So You Filmed a UFO?

The last place I left this was after the mass sighting of the missile over LA.  
Considering my intent is to share my experiences with all of this “UFO sighting stuff”, I thought a good example to start out with was a "public" sighting with a conventional explanation.

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve experienced something entirely different.  This specific segment is written for those people who have specifically photographed or filmed an unusual object in the sky...something that moves quite differently than any plane, helicopter, bird, balloon or insect.  You may have been alone or with a few people, but it wasn’t a public event.  The most important distinction here though, is that whatever it was, you caught it on film. 

You may also be sincerely trying to figure out what you’ve captured, and have a desire to share it with others who take the subject seriously.  While my original intent was to continue this series with only one specific example of a personal sighting caught on video, much more has come to light and I have more material than I ever expected.  

Strange How We Discover Things Right Under Our Noses

I had witnessed another UFO / UAP real time while with a friend in Topanga Canyon earlier in the year of 2015, and had a chance to capture it on an iPhone.  

At the end of that year I tripped on the documentary called, Australien Skies by director Don Meers which followed Damien Nott around hot-spots in Australia to see if they captured anything. 

 They surely do, and its a fascinating journey to observe from the perspective of the videographer, Damien, as well as the director himself.  The film is beautifully composed with amazing music.  I speak highly of it because it inspired me to go look at previous vacation videos to see if perhaps I caught some strange object while completely unaware.  

I had heard of several people taking photographs or videos and later finding an unusual object appearing or streaking by in the background.  Southern California and the Mojave Desert are known to be UFO hot-spots, so I figured I had nothing to lose. 

Well, I’m glad I did, because I found more.  

Not What I Expected on Multiple Counts

Now let me say this again.  This is very weird for me.  

I was never really into this subject much in the past at all, and I had a fairly conservative upbringing where this was never a topic of conversation…  Ever!  I studied engineering at a service academy.  I have a technical background.  This stuff never crossed my mind.

I do remember watching the news report in Arizona when Travis Walton was missing, and hearing my Mom clearly saying in the background that the loggers were “lying through their teeth”.  Somehow to me, looking at the silhouette of the flying saucer next to the head of the newsman talking about the incident, I felt the story was just too far out to be made up.  There had to be some reality to the whole thing…just maybe.  

I even had a fairly dramatic nighttime UFO sighting with a few friends in New Mexico, but I had pretty much forgotten about it.  

So after capturing a very bright object in the Los Angeles skies one day, I couldn’t help but set out to find others who were having the same experiences.  I had seen several UFO captures online, and despite seeing several cgi fakes, there were some very interesting legitimate captures out there.  

And, I had to take into account that my alma mater used to have a chapter devoted to UFO's in Chapter 33 of their Physics 370 textbook.  They may not include that chapter in the text anymore...but this is an outright admission to me that at one point they took this seriously enough to include it in their curriculum.  

So I set out to connect.  I posted on YouTube and began to check out the “forums” again, with the intention of finding out other people's investigative skills.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Human Reaction

The logic of course was to go directly to "a source" of discussion to find others who were well versed in the subject to chat with.  Maybe if I found others who had captured or experienced their own sighting, I’d be able to compare notes.

To be honest, this turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.  I found myself in a kind of “vortex” I never expected.  Some people deliberately avoid the forums, and after some of my experiences, I can understand why.  Some interaction can be very valuable, but its good to first know what to expect so that you don't get so easily derailed. 

That’s why I’m writing this… To warn you of what you could well encounter.  God willing, by the time you began to experience your own sightings the discussion will have advanced quite a bit.  Let's hope it will be much easier...

...because for now, sharing your UFO photo or video capture on a forum or even YouTube CAN be like showing up to a Chinese restaurant, just to have the waiter yelling at you for not bringing the Italian.     

Yeah, I know that didn’t make any sense.  But sometimes, neither does this...!

In general, when it comes to posting and sharing UAP video captures, this is what I've encountered:

"It's a bug"

Unfortunately too many people on forums delight in analyzing relatively complex UFO video captures with a three word sentence.  Does that remind you of the 2016 election at all?

I’m not sure if its a sense of laziness that’s developed over time within social media or if these are just examples of people commenting on something they are just not taking seriously, but this happens a lot.  

You might have captured a bright light hovering in the sky that changes color, moves in 90 degree angles, and disappears and re-appears in a flash…but someone will undoubtedly will leave a thought provoking, complex explanation after much deep thought that will be reduced to just three words.  

“It’s a bug…”

Yes.  That's right.  That’s it.  That’s all.

Just…”it’s a bug”.  

This is a good time to bring up the example of a good friend’s UFO capture over a Thunderbirds demonstration in Washington DC.  

He sent it to me “thinking” he may have captured something.  After running it through the editor, it was more than obvious that there was an object shooting from one cloud to the next “above” the Thunderbirds.  

We decided to share it on a few online forums.  A common response?

"It’s a bug."

These two stills are of the same shape changing object, taken less than a tenth of a second from each other.   

I see no bug.

As is common with experiencing UFO video captures, I was looking at where the most obvious action was. I didn’t realize there was much more going on in the video until like a week later. 

The object not only streaks between clouds, but upon closer inspection it actually hops over a cloud bank first before streaking overhead.  The object changes shape the entire time, from peanut looking to some kind of a pod with a triangle shape in the back.  

From this.... this.

I made another edit, and posted to my channel as well as following up on the very popular online forum I originally posted on.

A good deal of the responses…?  “It’s a bug.”

Was it spite?  Were these people freaking out of their minds?  What bug jumps in clouds, and changes shape enough to create a three point apparatus out of its butt?

And, by the way...  This “bug” has to be the size of a Volkswagen bus.  

The Common "15"

If that’s not it, expect the possibility you’ll get one of 14 other common “It’s a…” responses from people who don’t appear to be paying attention to any of your material.

Your capture of that really bright light that split into three and hovered for two minutes and then flew off in three different directions will REALLY be a:

 “bird, balloon, Venus, swamp gas, cgi, lantern, flare, stars, the moon, a drone, a trash bag, a satellite, a meteor, or a TR3B.”  

Yes… really.  You’ll see that alot too.  If the lazy responders can’t peg your capture as something explainable, they’ll call it a TR3B.  I noticed this in the last several years.  Everything and anything is a TR3B! 

Well, maybe except for those objects that change from the size of a tennis ball to something much larger.  I’m not sure we have that technology nailed down yet.

People will comment without even watching your video.

Well, maybe its better to say they won’t watch your entire video, which is sad because so many of these captures have multiple dimensions to them.  You might not even see the object at full speed, and it might take a minute to get to those slower versions of the shot…but guess what?  People will mentally "check out", often not even watching a third of your video.  You can check your viewer stats on YouTube, and you'd be amazed at how short the average attention span is out there. And these are the same people who will flippantly leave the dismissive "bug" comments.  How about watching the video first, huh?

It's thing to include documentation in your post of noted behaviours and perspectives at specific time markers so that people can quickly "scrub" to that slo-motion version or the extreme close-up.  This helps, but not fool proof as this also involves people having to read…something else the ultra lazy likes to avoid at all costs. 
Just know that while this might be common, the true researchers will watch your entire video more than once and will appreciate your entire narrative. Be yourself and write for those people. The lazy ones may or may not eventually catch on.  That's all up to them.

People will only watch on a tiny screen. 

Not every UFO capture is going to translate on a smart phone, but you have to remember that perhaps more than half of your viewers will be attempting to analyze what could be a rather complex sighting on a tiny screen.  Edit in the best resolution possible, but also remind your viewers to look at your capture on a laptop or larger monitor if they have the access. 

People will immediately accuse you of saying "its aliens"

I worked really hard to put this into context in my head before answering this very, very common accusation.  

Even after not being able to immediately explain away your capture with the common 15, even after admitting you’ve captured something very, very unusual, a common response constantly reappears.

“…but it doesn’t mean its aliens.”

And to be honest, you probably never said that.  I certainly never have.

I always have to remind people that there are many possible explanations for unusual captures:   manmade technology we don’t know about, strange animals we haven’t yet classified…”rods” are a good example…possible technology from breakaway groups who’ve been hidden on earth for thousands of years, or any number of secret drones.  Who knows?  

The point is to share the capture and compare experiences.  The rate of UFO sightings has only increased over the last decade, so there is more than enough material to analyze and compare with.  

It’s a continual unfolding process, and the better informed we are of all aspects of the subject, just like our “politics”…the better. 

People will try to change the subject.  

This is a capture from a day of videotaping chemtrails being laid in the sky.  Now, I’m not thoroughly convinced this is some kind of a pod-UFO.  It may will BE a bug…even though I’m 99% sure its not.  The point in posting it was to dialogue about the capture, and maybe get an answer as to where the light signature is coming from on the top of the object.  Wouldn’t we see wings in the shot if it were a bug?  What kind of bug lights up with a white, and then reddish light on the top as it scuttles by flapping no wings?  There are all kinds of questions about this capture….

However, some will NOT talk about the object or experience, and diverge into a completely related topic...and in case, I had one commenter go on and on and on about how chemtrails "don't exist". 

My post was not about chemtrails, the object is seen flying in front of one.  Its not a ‘con-trail’, but a chemtrail.  On that particular forum, as well as many others, people are posting discussions about on earth did this guy get so lost?  If he wants to debate the reality of chemtrails, should he begin his own post?  In relation to the object captured, this sounds like some kind of unhinged non-sequitor.  Reminds me of an old Paula Poundstone routine about her Mom's sudden outbursts...

“Comes in here with that damned zucchini!”

This added on to the typical "its a bug" campaign.  Of course I could not find anyone who could tell me why this "bug" seemed to have a red flash on the front of it, with no wings or legs present whatsoever.

I posted several other similar "pod like" captures from over the years, and his response was that I was "cherrypicking", but not before posting a photo of a bug shot from behind a car windshield.  

Okay...  Did they not have Encyclopedia Brown or the Hardy Boys Mysteries when they were a kid?  Is there no critical thinking whatsoever anymore?  A bug on a windshield IS THE SAME THNG as a lit up pod-like object in the sky in front of a chemtrail??? 

"Comes in here with that damned zuchinni..!"

It can be worse.  People will start on a tangent and several people will follow, all trying to out-do each other's responses, and before you know it you look up and barely anyone has actually talked about the sighting.  I even ran into this crap when I was trying to find a copy of the Air Force Academy 33 Physics 370  text on UFOs...  Look at the second comment to the next link.  What on Earth do "Hillary's emails" have to do with UFOS????  

After a bit more research, and I find a link to another "forum" discussion making an effort to discuss this Chapter 33.  Anyone reading that particular thread would glean NO useful information whatsoever about this topic.  They got it all wrong!  

One person erringly called it "Chapter 13", and then at least two follow suit... Apparently they didn't know how to read Roman numerals.  Then one comment follows the lead of the next about how "this doesn't look like a real textbook".  A good deal of the Academy textbooks are not hardbound textbooks...he would have no way of knowing that unless he went there. One called it a fireman's manual.  Whaa?????  How are their elbows even able to hit the keys of their laptops?

Just know, that if you do the "forums", you might spend an inordinate amount of time keeping the thread FOCUSED.  And this can be a challenge.  

People will attack "how" you filmed your video.

Although sometimes driving me up a wall, this can be a humongous source of entertainment. 

Capturing an unusual phenomenon in the sky is usually not the first thing one has on their mind when leaving the house, so more often than not, the initial capture of a UFO will most likely be a nerving experience…ie. Your camera might shake.  Things might move in the way.  It might start moving faster than you can follow it.  Zooming in makes it harder to keep the image stable.  You're shooting on a cellphone and forget to film it in "landscape". All kinds of things happen, but all you can do is roll with it in the moment. 

Because guess what?  This is life, and its not always lit and composed and edited just perfectly like a Brian De Palma film!!!

But people will give you crap for your video is recorded, once again, completely ignoring the object.  “Its too shaky.”  “Its too far away.”  “How come you can’t get a better shot than that?”  “Oh…just another grainy light.”

“There’s dust on the lens.”  

Okay…now that we’ve identified all the obsessive compulsives in the thread…can we talk about the object?

Exactly what this is, by the way, is an excuse NOT to talk about the object or the overall experience.  This stuff can't be predicted, set up, and then lit perfectly by Tak Fujimoto before you hit the record button.  

Encourage commenters to ask about the actual experience, change the subject and TELL them more about what you felt during the encounter….

…or just flat IGNORE them.  

UPDATE:  Found some lost footage from 2013 I never knew I had.  I'll write about that experience and post the video later, but here's a preview of some stills from that video. 

These photos below, is what was dismissed as a "balloon" by various naysayers before we go all the information!!!

People will flat make stuff up, try to TELL you what you experienced, and attack you personally just to “pollute” your post.

This is another way of changing the subject, while at the same time creating some kind of scandalous distraction that most attention then flocks to.  Ahhh... CONFLICT.  It’s like “jingle keys” for adults!  The most drama gets the most attention, so stir it up, and wallah!  Now most of the people commenting are focused on a camera movement or a rude comment rather than the actual object.  I’ve seen it time and again.  Its like a bunch of lemmings just blindly following each other over a cliff….

Some will work REALLY hard at this.  Our camera caught this “orb” formation of a perfect equilateral triangle…something we were completely unaware of until several days later.  YET…I had one forum commenter work extremely hard over several days, accusing me of “creating” the effect with everything in the book…. CGI, lighting, camera movements.  
Camera movements?  How on earth can I create a flickering equilateral triangle of orbs with “camera movements”?  He could never tell me how that was technically possible, so he then moved on to lens flare, then CGI, and on and on and on and on and on….  He was working SO hard to DEBUNK the sighting…not make sense of it…not to ask a single question.  I was posting an experience, not standing trial. 

Either be very patient with these people or ignore them altogether.  Eventually, someone will notice what’s going on and attempt to balance things, but don’t count on it.  In my case another commenter eventually lost his patience, pointed out rather clearly how the accuser sounded, and flat told him to get lost.  

People will accuse you of trying to make money or just get clicks.

This is a common tactic used to make you second guess yourself for even sharing your experience.     

And this is not just isolated to the forums and YouTube.  Ive heard this about several contactees over the years, as far back as the 50s, and there is absolutely no logic to it.  No one is buying mansions in Beverly Hills from UFO sightings.  Not one.

If someone is able to forge a business while educating people responsibly about this subject, more power to them.

But accusing someone of posting on YouTube and a forum just to get rich is just flat cray-cray.

Often after posting on "a forum", the better your sighting is, the more people will delight in giving it a “thumbs down” rating.

I turn the view ratings off for my channel because they have nothing to do with sharing the subject matter.  On what criteria do you rate a sighting?  Its just reporting an event. This is not the Emmys or Oscars.

All of my posts are daytime sightings, so the objects that are unconventional and not lit up very much are very unusual.  There is no way on earth I could fake these captures…at least not with my personal knowledge.  Yet, still, I’ve noticed that with the more unusual capture, if I post it on a forum as well, people will come out of the woodwork to specifically give it a "thumbs down" rating.  But if its a solid object that changes shape and moves unusually, so called "supportive" forum people will vote it down… What are they voting down?  That it changed shape?  That's just nuts to me.  

Anyway, my point is any “rating system”, especially an UP or DOWN rating system with respect to UFO sightings is completely useless.   

This process is one of documentation and sharing.  This is not a competition. This is not a popularity contest. 
YOU know what you experienced.  Ignore bs ratings.  Sharing your experience is the key.  People will benefit from this as they begin to have their own experiences.  They won't benefit from you so-called "rating".

Its an unfolding process with aspects of time delay.  Remember to go back and look at other parts of your videos.

Don't lose focus.

Its happened more than once where I thought I thoroughly analyzed a capture, only to realize I missed some other activity in the video several weeks to a year later.  

The Thunderbirds demo capture is a good example where I had no idea that the object initially started its action by literally “hopping” in the cloud.

Another time was this Topanga Canyon capture.   

I was so intrigued with the timing of the capture, and the fact that I looked and was able to turn on my iPhone in time at all, that I completely missed the other objects crossing view of the sky. 

Another difficulty was that I filmed it in portrait mode, which makes things difficult in editor. (always try to film “landscape”)  

When I finally did see the objects they were distorted, and basically, it was a couple of years till I picked up the footage again and tried to edit it in a landscape orientation.  

Two objects make a cross. The first one swoops in from the upper part of the screen and moves in an “S” motion below the first object and offscreen towards the west.  

After that, a second object crosses through from east to west again, very quickly.   I zoomed in to both, neither looked like a bug or bird.

Another example is this object that appears to be taking off from in front of a Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park. After noticing this capture five years after the fact, I had to sit on it for months before I could deal with it…it is sooooo weird!!  

I researched several types of birds that have a reputation for being blazing fast.  Even still, a Ptarmigan Falcon can only get past 200mph in a “dive”… They can’t take off that fast.  NO bird can take off this fast and change shape to appear larger than a Joshua Tree trunk less than a second later.  All this was filmed from approximately 100 to 150 feet away, by the way.  

As usual, the usual flippant responses were left. “It’s a hummingbird” was one of my favourites.  I’ve never seen a hummingbird turn into a triangle with the bottom corners lit up, but okay…

Point being, even I have not declared what this is yet… I just know its not a bird, bug or drone that we know of.  You would have heard it if it were a drone.  Drones are quite loud.

A few days ago, basically over a year since I first discovered it, I was creating a few stills.  While scrubbing in the editor, my jaw dropped open as I noticed yet something else I had never seen before.  The object actually originates from the lower left hand corner of the frame and flies low over the ground the the tree, and then flips up and takes off.  

When you are able to isolate it, it is a triangular pod shaped, and appears to be smaller than when it arrives at the tree.  Its difficult to see, but by enhancing the still to black and white, the object is moving with the point towards the back.

I was stunned.  This added a whole other dimension to the capture. The object flew above the ground changing from this:

 to this:

 to this:

...covering a distance of approximately 300ft in .66 seconds.  

Not a bird.  Not a bug.  Not a drone you can buy at Frys.

But I'm not saying its aliens…!!!

Updated Photos:

Understand:  The same tactics of distraction being used in UFOlogy are being used in politics. 

Whether you’re ready to investigate the reality off-planet life or not, or are just curious about other mysteries this planet has yet to reveal, there are powers who benefit from us knowing as little as possible.  

Research the work of Greer, Cassidy, Wilcock, and a ton of others, and you know that there is definitely a “disclosure” movement where the deeper truths of our world are revealing themselves. 

But, you don’t have to go very far to see the discord that pops up.  The UFO field can be really, really crazy sometimes.  

People trash them researchers.  Researchers trash each other.  One “can’t sanction the work” of another which can send the message about that “others” credibility.  An inordinate amount of time is wasted with researchers going round and round about whether or not an experiencer or a contactee is telling the truth.  After almost 70 years, people are still vehemently fighting with each other about whether or not Roswell was actually a weather balloon…and it doesn’t take long before the character attacks come.

Their audiences often get pulled into fighting each other as well. It got so bad recently that even an “authority” on UFOlogy got pulled headlong into the fury, going off the hook with a racist rant about how a certain group of people never did anything for civilization.  

There is a force out there that would rather not have people peacefully sharing information, and they find ways to infiltrate and discredit researchers in hopes people will ignore their work.  The UFO field is fraught with uncertainty for the novice because of this. Do an internet search on any prominent researcher or contactee, and in the auto-results you’ll often see the name and then “hoax” next to their name.  Why is that?

Its been proven that there are entire “trollfactories out there to spread disinformation and misinformation.  Several captialise on human psychology and “bring down the room” by endlessly attacking someone’s character in social media posts.  

This doesn’t just happen in UFOlogy. They do this in the political realm, big time.  People are so afraid to bring up politics now in a social setting because they can barely agree on what colour the sky is.  

Now I understand why some UFO sighting channels don’t allow comments! 

Corey Goode, one of a few sources who has confirmed “organized” trolling, has also recently been the target of character attacks himself.  He summarizes this time for all of us best, where he states:

"Quite a lot is going on right now to distract us from having a singular focus of guiding ourselves to the most optimal temporal reality. When we are diverted into these negative discussions it also diverts potential energy that we could use towards a positive future."

I get it, and I look forward to it. I get so much more out of sharing and than constantly parrying and shielding from negative energy.  

You’re the Leader Here

Even though you might be sharing your experience to get more information and discuss with others, YOU PRETTY MUCH ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE THE LEADER.  

Most of us, despite YouTube and countless forums online, are just not ready for this subject matter…

It's way easier for someone to "hear a story" about a sighting rather than watch an actual video account.  Someone's story can always be dismissed as "interesting" with an assumption the person reporting it was under some altered state of consciousness.  Back in the 50s and 60s, and 70s people dismissed these experiencers as being drunk or on drugs.  But in present day with so many capture devices including cell phones, how do you accuse someone's camera of being drunk, on drugs, or crazy?
The skepticism has shifted, from accusing experiencers of being drunk, to accusing them of mistaken identity..."it's a bug"...the dreaded "TR3B"... or flat faking it. 

Some just can't comfortably put the elements together in their heads, so they'll say anything and everything to avoid discussing the actual object or conditions under which it was filmed. Cognitive dissonance abounds.

As a result, you’re going to have to focus on being patient.  Know WHY you are posting.  Just to share?  To get compare experiences with others?  Asking specific questions to guide the conversation is always a good idea, because as I've shown above, there is a treasure trove of distractions some commenters will lay on you!  

Ignore the trolls.  Deflect rudeness by offering interesting information.  Share your experience as well...  Did you sense anything physically?  What other details can you remember about the experience?  If you can recall it, this information is good to share...especially if it's one of those captures you didn't realize existed until you were watching the video the first time.  

Be willing to offer simple "support therapy" to people who don’t want their horizons expanded...even though obviously they do…otherwise they wouldn’t be watching UFO sightings, would they?  Remind them that these unusual objects are pretty much in our skies all the time...especially in "hot-spots" like the one I live in.  All they have to do is look up.

Sounds like a lot of work, huh?

Stay focused on your intent and reason for posting!

Keep focused on your intent to share.  Even if people are on the fence, they are seeing something they may not have seen before.  Over time, I think a lot of this information will make much more sense.

Encourage people to ask questions in lieu of “telling YOU” what you experienced.

If you connect with a commenter, email them directly to ask more questions.  It does cut down some of the flak.  If all else fails, share your experience as sincerely as possible and move on…not needing any feedback whatsoever.  The archive will do more to educate those who might need the information…  If they are there for that sincere intent, they will read your post and ignore all the crap others might try to throw in the way.  

I imagine there are way more people who have been touched by this than are wiling to admit.  A good deal of what ails us as a society is that so many are walking around thinking they are the only ones who feel a certain way, or have had a certain experience.  If we shared more with each other without judgment, we would probably be in a much better place.  

If you’ve done the work in inspecting your capture and are sincere, know you are helping people become aware of one of the several aspects of disclosure as it rapidly progresses and unfolds.  Your help is needed, because when it comes down to it, UFOLOGY and disclosure is like the phds of all phds.  It's the master of all disciplines because it forces one to look at the vast array of our reality and how all the elements impact each other and how we are all connected.  Umm...but I'm not saying its aliens... : ) 

We are largely not yet ready for full scale disclosure...something I'll be writing about next.   Anything you or others can do to help us all get across this chasm of "understanding" will work wonders.  

Lastly, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

Update:  A month later...

This is a preview of a topic and sighting that I'll share later. 

It suffices to say that a large reason why people have not had some of these experiences is because they don't pay attention and look UP.

The photos below come from a sighting I had the first week of August.  There were at least two others around while I was standing with my iphone filming the sky and they never looked up from their phones to take notice.