Thursday, December 20, 2018

What Its Like to Talk About UFOs -- Comic 3d Animated Short Video

Back in 2009ish I started making little music videos to showcase some of my dance music.

Oftentimes I would incorporate  UFO themes into the imagery of the videos.  It was just something that I was drawn to do.

Then the weirdness REALLY started when I had my own UAP sighting in 2013, one that lasted long enough for me to film it. 

I was forever changed by this, and went on spending alot of time investigating this experience, eventually discovering several months later that another person had seen it and posted the experience at NUFORC.

None of my research however, would prepare me for how difficult this was to share with some people...including ones who claimed to have earnest interest in the subject.

As I dive deeper into some 3d animation with Reallusion's iClone7 and Toonmaker2, I feel like its an appropriate time to continue some of the UFOArt I as inspired to do before, but with a little more specificity. 

In this short scene, Johnny has just had a UFO sighting and is sharing it was a skeptic and another marveling in wonder. 

Was still figuring out "sound", so please be gentle.

Inspired by the experience below. 

More to come...

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Dark Orb UFOs & Thoughts On "Restoring Civil Discourse" Discussing UFO Disclosure..or Anything Else For That Matter

A "dark orb" UFO over Hollywood

My intent was to connect and listen to the stories of other experiencers who have witnessed and filmed sky anomalies. 

I live in a “hot spot” so to speak, and since 2013 I’ve been semi-regularly capturing UFOs/UAPs/Sky Anomalies on video.  And I'm not the only one.  There are several out there who are keeping an eye on the skies for unusual phenomenon.  I wanted to connect with some of them and compare experiences.

I thought my prayers had been answered after discovering a short documentary on YouTube produced by a guy who started an online discussion group based upon approaching the UAP phenomenon from a “scientific perspective”.

This appeared it would be a tremendous breath of fresh air…especially after having navigated the comments sections of YouTube channels and various UFO forums where people delight in…well…not even talking about the subject at all, much less approaching it from a scientific perspective.

I Was Just Sharing an Experience -- Everyone Has A Story, Right?

Over time, I’ve gotten very careful to explain these experiences with this "odd stuff" as just that…an experience that presents lots of questions that I and many others are still trying to figure out.

Although it is a "possibility", I in no way advocate or claim that any of my captures are of extraterrestrial craft....yet no doubt many online comment factories/troll farms will "default" to accusing me of this.

Embossed Version of Triangular UFO-Orb Formation - Joshua Tree Retreat Center

They could be a natural phenomenon, some kind of energy mass, an energy or light being of "SOME KOIND" (a shout out to David Hatcher Childress), a luminous object from some Earth origin where most humans don’t go, or perhaps even some of our own advanced technology.  Certainly, they COULD be ET…but once again…I don’t know that.

Luminous UFO over Hollywood

White "Eyeball" Orb (l) and Luminous UFO (r) over Hollywood

 Some of them literally look like daytime captures of "orbs".

All I know is that I've often captured something highly unusual that doesn't move in a conventional way, is often luminous, changes shape and texture, and has a way of showing up in what seems to be intelligent or connected "patterns".  Most, to all of these captures have had some kind of story behind them…often showing a kind of synchronicity that just can’t be “planned”.

The synchronicity associated with so many of these video captures is very difficult to "get to"  in comments of a forum when all people want to pay attention to is whether or not something is "cgi" or a mistaken balloon.

Still of First "Dark Orb" UFO Sighting - August 2017

So the idea of sharing with a group that was approaching this scientifically sounded like a fresh start.

I had some data to draw from.

And, having attended a service academy where the core curriculum was math, science and engineering, and having experience in satellite operations, I felt fully prepared to speak "scientifically", fully expecting those participating in this online group with the "scientific approach" in mind to do the same.

This includes starting with a hypothesis, deciding on a regimen of experimentation, setting that up, gathering data from any and all perspectives, and then forming a conclusion.  The "catch" is that you may have to repeat this process several times to feel like you've actually gotten anywhere.

"When someone answers an informational question with a personal attack, they are trying to control you."

"If someone changes the subject and immediately blames you or a whole group of people for something, they are trying to control you. "

"They are trying to take your energy."

"Attacking someone doesn't inform you or feed you.  In fact, remaining mired in un-needed conflict is a form of bondage."  

"You don’t give yourself any time to create anything else."

Not what they seemed…

After being "accepted" to this group, I read several posts and waited several months before submitting my own post.

I wasn’t necessarily seeing what I expected yet.  There were articles and a few videos of sightings here and there, but none of the ones that I saw were posted by the actual experiencer.  It seemed to be more centered on posting videos from a third party, and then asking….”what do you think?”…not really generating a lot of responses.

There was, what you could call, a "red flag"...when one of the main moderators of the group went after a prominent UFO researcher, severely questioning his credibility and accusing him of "drinking the koolade".  I had never heard this researcher say anything extreme...and when it came down to it, no links, evidence, anecdote, or argument was supplied to back up his claims.  I was baffled...and looked extensively through the group forum to see what else had been said.  Apparently I didn't look enough?  Nothing.

Looking back, perhaps I should have waited longer…but I was very excited about a capture of an anomaly that seemed to be very much connected to two previous captures of dark, shape changing objects slowly moving in front of an overcast sky.  I felt it was an appropriate time to share.

The Dark Orb UFOs

The oddity of these captures seemingly being "connected" takes some time to explain, and I felt assured I’d be given the opportunity to do so in a UFO/UAP group centered on the “scientific approach”.  After all, that “approach” includes forming a hypothesis, gathering data and then analyzing it within some "agreed upon" framework…

When all was said and done, this rather strange capture was very “connected”.  Something else was going on here…and I was happy to encounter a group who have all acknowledged by their “presence” in that group that they are serious about listening, asking questions, and even showing other captures to compare.

The "hypothesis" was this:  SOME UFO videos...not all, are in fact videos of some kind of "orb" or energy mass that manifest in our 3-d world.  Some "may" appear as balloons at first, but when zooming in one can see a noticeable energy field, movement, and "change of shape".  They look and move like orbs, and can be bright and luminous or dark grey and black with a notable changing field. 

I'll attempt to do a better job at explaining this time and start with my "first" capture of the "dark orb" ufos. 

The First Time

The first time I captured one of these 'dark orb' objects in daylight was in August of 2018, underneath the clouds during an overcast day.

I was out back to stretch a bit after a stressful day, and from behind the right side of the building I looked towards the building across the street.

There was a dark object in the sky moving slowly towards the east.  At first I thought someone was "punking" me by setting off a balloon to see if I would film it, but as I continued to watch, it moved very much unlike a balloon...I started to film anyway.  It continues to move eastward, at times stalls, and then will look like its literally squeezing itself into accelerating forward. 

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture change.

In the last third of the opening shot, you can see how this object seems to pause for a few moments before suddenly changing shape and acclerating eastward.  During that entire time, you can see it morph from a square / diamond shape with specific "designs" or "patterns" to more of a "football" shape when it starts to accelerate.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture change.

Look at the captures and the change of shape at different stages. 

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture change.

 These are all the same object.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture change.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture change.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture change.

I went out front to capture as much as I could.  It was still up there.  I filmed another few minutes.

Look at the still captures and the change of shape at different stages.  These are all the same object.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture and colour change.

Here is an example of shape, texture and color change during the last third of the experience.  It would hover and move very slowly towards the east...but after several moments would slightly accelerate while changing shape from a diamond to more of a football.  Notice the colour change as well.

The Andy Warhol inspired tiles above from different frames of the capture show this.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture and colour change.

And I say again, there were at least three other people on the street at the time and no one looked up at all, even the guy who stopped a moment to notice I was filming the sky.  He just looked at me for a moment...

...and then went back to the business of his phone. 

It Happened Again

Surprisingly, I captured this type of object again about five months later during the first week of January, 2018.

Second Encounter with a "Dark Orb" UFO

It looked quite similar to the last dark orb ufo capture...  It was another overcast day, and this dark object could be seen slowly moving towards the east.

This object didn't change colour as much as the last one, but was still very dynamic in the way it changed shape and the way it shows what looks like a visual "torsion field" during the course of the capture.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture  and shape change.

This one changes shape from a double diamond to a rectangle and back again.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture  and shape change.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture  and shape change.

I had all kinds of questions now…especially having seen these happen a few months apart.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture  and shape change.

Closeup of "Dark Orb" UFO - Notice the texture  and shape change.

I wondered if anyone else had captured anything similar.  

That was the nature of the beginning of this journey in the first place...

I've always been grateful for people who post their experiences with these sky anomalies, because I think they provide a comparison and possible reference point for your "own" experiences.  

The rate of these reports continues to increase, so it may only be a matter of time until you've just had your own experience, and you're looking for a frame of reference beyond just the story.

I had already found an online video of a capture in Italy of something that looked very, very similar to these I went on a search for it.

I Did Find Other Captures That Looked Similar 

And I was grateful these people had posted because it acted as a reference point for me, and others that these had been seen elsewhere. 

This doesn't necessarily mean they were the same object.  It doesn't mean someone didn't successfully cgi something close somewhere else.  But they still act as a reference. 

Statue of Liberty

Observe more small details of what they really look like in flight by slowing down the videos.

Ruetlingen, Germany

I wondered how many other people out there had captured dark orbs like this?

I wondered if they ever showed up in a group...or any kind of formation. 

I had captured a group of orbs forming a perfect triangle in the past...but they were in front of a blue sky and luminous.  Was it possible to see the same thing with these "dark orb" objects?  A formation of sorts???

And Then There Were "Three"...

You can imagine the conflicting emotions and thoughts going in on my mind when this happened.

It was two months and five days after I had captured the second dark orb ufo on film.

I was walking eastward and heard a helicopter.   That was the original reason I looked up…  

As plain as day, there were a formation of three of these things.

A group of three "Dark Orb" UFOs

I thought they may have been balloons at first, didn't see any visible strings holding them together...but filmed anyway to see if there was anything else I could learn from the film.

Thankfully I did so…because on closer inspection it was clear to me that these weren’t balloons but a group of three of these dark orbs hovering around each other.

After closely examining them…zooming in, looking at embossed versions, slowing it down, noticing no strings whatsoever, and comparing it with the other captures, including a reference video from Robert Freeman, I concluded that these weren’t a clump of three balloons.  

They appeared to me to be a set of three "dark orbs"...very much like the single dark orbs I had captured earlier.

A group of three "Dark Orb" UFOs
Notice the texture change.

I had seen a couple of captures from documentaries that were similar…a set of six and a set of two…  They move and look similarly.

A group of three "Dark Orb" UFOs
Notice the texture change.

They also move differently than balloons. 

Balloons bounce, buffet, and continually move with the currents of the air.  

You’ll see continual changes in pitch and banking.  You’ll see continual rocking back and forth and left to right.  

There’s little mistaking a balloon once you’ve seen how they move….but the trick is to really “look” at it.  That’s why I went through pains to zoom in close and slow down the video…so that people can see the distinct difference in movement.

A group of three "Dark Orb" UFOs
Notice the texture change.

Also, when you zoom into the objects, you can see ports and holes open and close as it goes by.  There is literally a shape and texture change.  Just like the photos in the first two experiences above, each object changes shape and texture.  Closely looking at the photos of the "three", the same thing is happening.

A group of three "Dark Orb" UFOs
Notice the texture change.

Now let me make something clear...

I was posting this on a discussion group people "willingly" join because they are interested in the subject of UFOs\UAPs\Sky Anomalies.  Please understand this.

I understood this.  I was certain the members of the group understood this.

I was NOT forcing this on anybody.

I wasn’t, say...for instance...out in the middle of the 101 freeway, doing backflips covered in guacamole with firecrackers yelling at the top of my lungs that I had seen and filmed a UFO.

I wasn’t out on a public sidewalk, jumping in front of people with a mobile device to force them to look at one of my films. 

I was in no way imposing on this group's “free will”.

So I couldn't for the life of me understand why, without asking a single iota of a question, a few people who I thought were coming from a "scientific approach" needed to immediately "act out" so angrily.

A Pathetic Attempt to Smear

One of my disappointments with the average online "forum" is that people avoid the original topic, and then literally "change the subject" to willingly create conflict.

I ran directly into the same thing, right off the bat with this..."scientific" group, but with a reckless viciousness I had yet to see in any online interchange. 

A supposed research "heavyweight" from the with supposedly over 30 years experience researching UFOs...went to my Facebook page, grabbed a screen shot from ANOTHER UFO capture, and then posted it to the group with a comment that went something like:

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

“if you keep posting crap like this, you’ll be booted from the group”

Wait…. What just happened???!!  

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

I never posted that photo to the group…this absolute “stranger” just did…

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

and with no intention whatsoever to discuss anything.  It was just a completely unhinged attack that had nothing to do with my original post on the "dark orb" ufos.

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

Then he went on to say how it looked like an "out of focus plane" and that all my captures look like "out of focus planes".

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

Well….that “out of focus” plane changed shape several times and hovered in one spot for at least ten minutes…

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

...AND it was a completely different UNRELATED experience that happened in 2013.

Closeup of Los Angeles UFO - March 2013

But somehow, that didn't matter.  This self appointed leader of the group became obsessed with attacking and belittling...pretty much for the sake of...well...attacking.  

I went round and round with him trying to get some frame or thread of a discussion but he frankly sounded possessed by an energy he couldn't control.  The attacks didn't even have a logical flow after awhile as he was flailing to say anything that might be offensive!

How going into emotional hysterics is the "scientific approach" is beyond me. 

"I Didn't Need To Watch The Video..."

The next one to respond pretty much solidified that this "group" was the completely wrong place to be.  

Paraphrasing, he writes something to the effect of...“I didn’t even watch the video… Even a three year old could tell those were balloons.”


So not only did this guy just change the subject to how “three year olds” process information, he just admitted to NOT EVEN WATCHING THE VIDEO!

Isn’t an important part of the “scientific approach” to actually LOOK AT THE DATA?  

Even a "three year old" would watch the video...  

Even a "three year old" would look at the friggin' data!

It Got Much Worse

I did my best to put the sighting into context with the other ones, but by then most of the members who were participating were in such a "balloon" trance, they could barely focus on anything else.  It became a mob scene. 

One went on and on about how many balloons he estimated must be in the skies in the Southern California area.  30 thousand?  40 thousand?  They provided no "data" for this whatsoever, but as long as they can say "balloon" enough, that just changes reality SO much that planes can barely approach and land into LAX because of the sea of balloons...right?  Could we please stay on topic?

Several posted photographs and videos of balloons...all with strings...all bouncing and buffeting in the air...none looking what I or the others above have captured....  What was the point?  

Then of course you had the stupid gifs with people shaking their heads in disappointment or implying that you're crazy...and on and on it went...

I would logically respond to accusations...

I tried posting the earlier captures, including this one below that hovered above me and changed shape for quite some time.

This capture is mesmerizing as far as I'm concerned.  You can see what looks like a spinning field.  No balloon does that, nor hovers in the same place for ten minutes.


They didn't discuss anything.

They did post numerous memes, videos of mylar balloons, and pictures of balloons along with the occasional comment like..."maybe you'll shoot a sky anomaly one day" (I've captured several)…"it doest matter if you don’t see strings" (or see an energy field, etc?)…"its a blurry capture" (therefore they have to be balloons?)…and you have the burden absolute PROOF they are 'extraterrestrial' and not balloons. (Now for anyone to post anything...we must have absolute PROOF?  I thought we were still gathering and analyzing???)

After about an hour of this, I was completely done.  There wasn’t much else I could do without wasting an incredible amount of time and wallowing in a lot of negative energy…energy I would rather avoid.  An angry mob pretending to be a serious research group.

Humans can do better than this, but there has to be a will to do so.  I wasn’t into waiting around for people to learn, nor into answering every single balloon meme and photo.  Where on Earth was I?  A 3 year old would know?  A 3 year old would initiate a more adult-like discussion.

I tried to find personal experience posts from others in the group.  I figured people there were having their own experiences and filming them.  I found very, very few.

But when I saw the post that basically provided a several column list of supposed "hoaxers and misinformers" on the web, I was done.  I had seen all I needed to see.  

No wonder people couldn't get their minds off "balloons", nor the need to accuse someone of passing them off for UFOs.

That was enough to show me the group was never intent on freely discussing this subject.  

It looked more like the intent was to "police" people who did.  Why would researchers and other experiencers act as "gatekeepers" for other experiencers?  It doesn't make didn't need to. 

I made it clear I wasn't coming back.  

I needed to take a step back and try to understand this, though.

Why did this seem increasingly difficult to discuss with the "same people" who "say" they want to discuss it?

In One Form Or Another, This Is Happening Everywhere

I was upset, but I figured there were a number of ways to look at this.

"Orb" captured while filming 'dark orb' ufo - August 2017

"This wasn't my first rodeo", repeat what a well meaning member expressed as it was clear I wasn't going to "deny my experience and research" because of the mob scene that ensued.

I had already seen this behavior before on online forums of all kinds...with a special venom saved for ones dealing with Exopolitics and UFOs.

"Orb" captured while filming 'dark orb' ufo - August 2017

I had to also consider what I had just seen before and during our last presidential election.  I was watching exactly the same thing unfold.  Its still happening.

Large swaths of people are yelling slogans and "talking points" at each other...but they aren't talking about anything...  Have you noticed?? 

"Orb" captured while filming 'dark orb' ufo - August 2017

You rarely hear any ideas or solutions for fixing anything.  They just create anger, project blame,  demand more allegiance from themselves to some authority...and then repeat.

Its an addiction that's reaching "critical mass"...

"Orb" captured while filming 'dark orb' ufo - August 2017

Attacking someone doesn't inform you or feed you.  In fact, remaining mired in un-needed conflict is a form of bondage.  

You don’t give yourself any time to create anything else.

The thrill of "debate"

I remember when I discovered the thrills of “debate”.

I had just moved from Germany to Texas...yes I know that sounds like a setup for a joke...was looking for an extra-curricular involvement...and really wanted to learn how to express myself more freely. 

I was "recruited" into this beautiful group of people and started public speaking and debating.  

When you debate on that level, you find out how good it feels good to win an argument.  If you were able to "win" by also bringing out information that might benefit everyone, it was a bonus.  Corroborated information can be extremely empowering.  

And yes, reciting an argument when you know that you have the "upper hand" is a tremendous rush.

A lot of the skill was thinking on your feet...yet there was also a huge element of being prepared with evidence.  That meant that there were endless hours of research and evidence gathering to get as knowledgeable about the subject as possible.  

You couldn't do the "thinking on your feet" without doing the necessary ground work in research first.

Many People Largely Mistake the "Purpose" of Arguing 

Unfortunately, many people have left out the "research" step in making an argument, and are merely happy enough just making an argument period.  Some flat will NOT do research...kind of like the guy who admitted to making a conclusion without even watching the video.  

This lack of research eventually creates a level of discomfort in that much so that they literally forget there was a discussion ABOUT a SUBJECT to begin with.  They forget the subject ever existed...and just focus attacking the other person.  

Deep down underneath they feel if they attack the person and try to destroy their credibility, then they have "won" an argument...where in reality all they did was show their own insecurity as a person, confirm the really 'don't' know what they are talking about, and most likely tried to bully you into how and 'what' to think.  

They attack their thinking, not the argument.  They attack their character, not the case.  They attack their credibility and project untruths about them. 

To many people, this feels just as good or better than actually winning an argument.  It's their version of "winning".  But its actually just bringing the vibration down so that you end up actually talking about "nothing".

This combative form of interchange might be a "rush", but it doesn’t accomplish anything.  It just creates a vortex of fear and anger.  

No "new information" can really come out in this environment.

When the focus has been switched to who gets “owned”…and not what they are saying, it's just another form of taking each other's energy.  Just another form of tribal warfare.

When people can't even agree on what the subject is...we've reached critical mass, and we may need to take a moment and look at where we are going.  To look at what we are creating.  To find out what other small pieces of the puzzle others might have.

All this relates to my experience in that it was clear this particular online group didn't even agree on what a UFO was.  There was no agreement on what they were actually looking for.  

"Which" scientific data?  

Are we looking a purely "metal in the sky" or maybe also an energy form?

The capture above shows a "luminous white orb" exhibiting many of the flight characteristics reported by people of UFO flight...notably the sudden cutting of corners, turning at right angles, etc.   No bird flies like this, and an insect would have to be luminous and very large to capture this with an iphone.

Very recently, I ironically captured one of these objects "way out there" while filming the moon with a Nikon P900 in the clip below.  The morphing looks similar...

Just in my recent research, I have seen a few people who have captured these kinds of orbs as well.  They are related to the dark ones...somehow...  Are they perhaps a different manifestation of the same kind of energy?

Giant Rock - Landers, CA

Energy Dynamics 

To have a group talking about "science" just to run into the reality show bully and victim game "again" felt like a huge disappointment.

"Energy Vampires" only begins to describe the majority of who participated on that particular thread. 

A good deal of these people are demanding "disclosure" in the realm of UFOs and Exopolitics.  They are demanding that secrets be revealed...

My opinion is that they largely aren't ready for it because it requires patience and attention to detail.

Remaining mired in tribal warfare leaves little time or space for the new information to come in.  You just don't have time. It's constricting.

"Double Orb" UFO

A good rule of thumb could be:

When someone answers an informational question with a personal attack, they are trying to control you.

If someone changes the subject and immediately blames you or a whole group of people for something, they are trying to control you. 

They are trying to take you energy.

They are consciously or unconsciously trying to bring your vibration down.

A mass of people blaming and attacking without thought is "wartime" thinking which only creates war.  Veterans old and young sacrifice to avoid war being brought to our shores...JUST so that we can create it amongst ourselves???  Please tell me that's not the case.

When people are literally manipulating and taking your energy, its a good time to step back and decide if continuing to interact is within your best interest.  

Despite my "fuzzy plane" attacker claiming to be a "man of God" with his Bible expertise, at one point I had to detach because his actions and words were so completely vile and NOT Christian...the toxicity was overwhelming.  Just because someone tells you they belong to a "club" and call themselves a "researcher" doesn't really make them a researcher or an expert.

Don't give your power away.

I had to take a break.  I went outside and went into nature.  The energy in nature is unconditional.  Its replenishing.  

Sounds like the person obsessed with attacking me needed to do the same thing. 

So How Do We "Know" When We Know The Truth?  The Gift of Enki

I understand how challenging this all is.  With our technology we have SO much information at our fingertips.

How do we know what's true???

If we are honest with ourselves, we all have the capacity to "know" the truth.

Many of the "avatars" of our modern religions carry this message.  The truth is within.  When you get quiet and go within, you can access the truth.

I have as much of a challenge as anyone else getting quiet.... There are so many distractions.  So I have to constantly remind myself to find time for quiet and forms of meditation.

Meditation is "facilitated" in a calm and relaxed environment.

You know what else is "facilitated" in a calm and relaxed environment?

People discussing a subject.

When people are sharing their experiences in a relaxed environment where they can be themselves, NEW INFORMATION COMES TO LIGHT THAT BENEFITS BOTH PARTIES!!!

Also maybe check out kinesiology, muscle testing, meditation, and retreat to condition yourself to what the truth "feels" like.  To allow yourself to hear it from within.  I'm no expert.  I'm working on this as well. 

Debate facts, not whether all "insert group here" think the same way.

There are more than two sides to every find out the information that lies in the grey areas.  I even heard a prominent reporter FINALLY recently admit they (the news) often play the "two sides" game to our detriment.  

He's right.

Don't buy into the "two sides" bs. 

Share Your Experience With Other Experiencers

And if you have an experience, share it.  Written or videotaped.

Both give other experiencers an informational reference.  There are many objects out in our skies, and they are quite diverse, and there are several experiencers out there that would like some kind of verification.

Experiencers need to hear it from other experiencers...not just "so called" researchers.

Posting these videos...the thoroughly vetted ones... is a service to others...

No...its not just about getting "clicks" as so many love to accuse and lambaste. 

No....UFO contactees don't have houses in Bel Air and Beverly Hills...from all of their money. don't get a "prize".

But you may help another person confirm they are not crazy.

And there is a tremendous sense of satisfaction when you find other videos that look just like your video,  especially when you have the clueless ones calling them fake.   

There you know...several viewers don't have a clue what to even look for. 

These experiences will most likely continue to happen with more and more people.  Be there for each lessens the space where others may try to create conflict and distraction.  

Do The Research

As far as I'm concerned, the "scientific method" requires that you've tapped as many disciplines possible before you even start to make a conclusion.  Everything from geomancy to channeling could be included.

But the point is we need to do the research.

I didn't have the time after my first dark orb experience, but since then I've been able to do more research into these captures...and I'm grateful I have.  

Several people have seen and captured these "dark orb" objects on film...including a dear friend who captured the above video in Alabama where a dark orb UFO meets with a light orb UFO in what looks like a Mothership Cloud.  

I was astonished to find all the ones below, including a couple of mine from the past that I had completely forgot about.  

Birmingham England

X Launch

San Antonio

Forest Park, GA

Birkenside, Midlothian

Joshua Tree

Deerfield Beach, Florida

And this one below shows a "dark orb ufo" with a blue sky that I captured while filming the moon in Joshua Tree National Park.  

And I can't tell you the incredible satisfaction I felt after finding this one...!

Wait...what's that over Lake Erie???  Three Dark Orb UFOs???  Exactly like my capture of the "three".

Let me see if I can find any more "told ya so's" in my pocket.....

But this doesn't mean we know what the "dark orb" ufos actually are yet.  

Back to more research.  

A Last Thought

If you "want to go there", one prominent contactee shared this....that there are those ets who want to be of assistance, but they won't fix our problems for us.  They say that  all of the answers to our problems are right here...  The knowledge is already here.  We all have a small piece of the bigger picture.  So maybe there is something to relaxing with others stories and so we can begin to figure more of this out?

Think about that...

Update: 21 January 2019

There is still quite a bit of discussion about the "drones" spotted at Gatwick Airport. 

From the only capture I've been able to attain below...not yet verified...the object looks very similar to the ones I write about in this post. 

I might try a follow-up article on this, analyzing the Gatwick footage closer to see if we might observe the same characteristics.