Sunday, February 14, 2016

Coming Out of the "I Saw A UFO" Closet... Part 2

 That Trident Missile "UFO" over Los Angeles


So when I started this set of articles on "Coming Out of the I Saw a UFO Closet" series, my intention was to write about my experiences in witnessing, filming and sharing videos of unusual sky phenomenon...something I had not really planned for in this lifetime.  

Before I could get a chance to write about my second experience, the missile thing happened.  

Most of my experiences in filming UAPs has been done alone, with a friend nearby who didn't see what I did.  Who knew that as soon as I got off the train that day I'd be one of the many observers of a  very public sighting?  I thought I was seeing a Southern California version of the Norway spiral! (Whatever that was...)

Even though this is considered "old news" by now, the timing is good because it touches on some themes I want to address in the series later on. 

Firstly, even though this was a "mass sighting" of an object that turned out to be a conventional, you won't likely find a 100% consensus on what was observed.   

Some heard it was launched from Pt. Mugu or Edwards AFB even though we were told it came from an offshore sub.  Others were convinced it was actually an extra-terrestrial craft, while still others thought it was a missile being shot down by a ET craft.  Between the celebrity tweets and conjecture, I had no idea there would be such a diversity of views on this event!

This could be considered the first mass sighting this region has had in quite awhile...probably since the"The Battle of LA" on Feb 24-25, 1942 when our military found themselves trying in vain to shoot down an actual flying saucer.  

Despite the tons of shrapnel jettisoned that night, they officially said it was a "balloon", once again rendering a 100% consensus obsolete.  A whole lot of ammo for JUST a "balloon", huh? 

So there are two examples of a "mass" sighting...where many others were around to witness an event all at once.  In both of these cases, the opinions were all over the place.

But what happens if the sighting is not as Yuuuuge, as Bernie would say...  What if its just a weird thing you happen to see?  How do you tell what you are looking at?   

I have my cameras ready.  How do I know its 'really' a UFO?

Sky anomalies come in many different forms.  The point is, you may have absolutely no idea what it is, or it may look like something completely conventional moving in a different way.  If I have the time, battery power and medium space, I'll film it anyway to make sure.  You never know what you might capture, and you never know what might "sneak in" the shot.  More on that later.  Here are some things to look for though...

Most of these objects do NOT fly with conventional aero-dynamics.

Natural and manmade objects that fly do so aero-dynamically.  That means that they rely on air for lift, and some means of propulsion to push them along and through that "air".  As a result, you'll see planes loudly expending fuel taking off, and flying with very wide curves while they turn.

Unconventional craft, UAPs, or UFOs...whatever we are calling them today, don't necessarily move aero-dynamically.  

Some will give you an immediate clue by moving along the sky,  pivoting for a few degrees, then flying straight again, then pivoting for another few degrees, then flying a straight course again.  This is the "skipping" motion that was identified by Kenneth Arnold when he saw those faraway craft in 1947.  He said that they were flying like "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water."

Some objects appear to move like they are being squeezed in a tube...  Its as if there is another force pulling and pushing the object at once as opposed to the "thrust" seen with aerodynamic machines. 

If you see an object flying at nominal or slow speed, suddenly stop in mid-air for a bit, and then move off in a completely different direction, you are seeing something NOT conventional.  

They've also been known to make drastic turns at 90 degree angles, a move that is pretty impossible with an aerodynamic craft.

The object pops in and out view, and may appear in completely different region of the sky.

Whether its cloaking or massive speed, many of these objects have been seen suddenly disappearing and then re-appearing in another area.  Sometimes they'll stay in one area, blinking in and out of view erratically.  Another clue that you might not be witnessing a conventional craft. 

The object might change form.
Several UAP/UFOs have been seen changing shape, size, and dimension.  Some have been observed first as a point of light that will eventually grow, and then morph into a sphere or a diamond.  

A mini-triangle will boomerang upwards and transform itself to a saucer or cylinder shape.

A rather large object may mask itself to appear only as a very small object.

One shows itself as a cube, first silver reflective, then black, then silver-reflective, then black...and then when it gets closer to the ground, it alternates between a cube and sphere shape.  Below are two stills showing this an example of this.  The shots are from a capture I filmed
in Topanga Canyon, a well known UFO hot-spot that I'll write about later.  

 This is the object taking form as a rectangular object.

 Less than a full second before, the object was a sphere.

In the video I'll post here at another time, it almost looks like a luminous object of airborne mercury. 

No Sound
Some observers have heard objects emit a humming sound, but a good majority of the time, no sound is heard at all.  This has been one of the more remarkable aspects of the experiences for some...seeing a huge object the size of a football field, making no sound. 

May split or converge.

People have often seen an object appear, and then suddenly split into four or five other objects which fly independently for awhile, before they re-converge into one object and taking off.   

Bright, luminous, changes colour.
Many of these unknowns have been observed glowing very brightly, both during night and daytime sightings.  A good example is the object captured and discussed in the last post, which was shining extremely brightly over a windy Saturday afternoon sunny sky.  So far I have been unable to find any videos of LED balloons in the sky during the day, and I highly doubt they would shine that brightly under an afternoon sun in March.  

I'll say now, by personal experience, if you see a shiny floating object in the sky during the daytime, don't just assume its a mylar balloon.  There may be way more to the object than first meets the eye. 

Hopefully this answers some beginning questions for the average person who hasn't heard much about this phenomenon, but after perhaps encountering what they think might be their first sighting, thinks they are ready to learn a bit more.  

I've had quite interesting experiences since I've become aware of what is going on in our skies.  I'll move on to the next experience...and others reaction to the video of it, in my next article.