Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Subtle Drop of Disclosure….?

Although there was much speculation over a distinctive disclosure event around the time of the London 2012 Olympics, evidence continues to support the theory that the “disclosure” many are searching for is happening---and will continue to happen everyday in drips, bits and pieces.


One small example smacked me upside the head the other day.  

I love animation, and I was watching one of those shows leading to the Adult Swim portion of the evening when right before my eyes they were advertising a line of dolls that looked like ETs called the Novi Stars.


To be more specific, they looked strangely like the alien-human hybrids some hear about through the X-files and Taken mini-series story lines. 

Further investigation into their blog has the alien visitors describing their Earth excursions. Sporting names like Una Verse and Mae Tallick, they hope to share new fashion trends with humans while getting used to every day Earth living.

Traffic, bank scandals, and actors posing as politicians pretending to create jobs through repetitive obsessive compulsive Planned Parenthood de-funding these visitors have any idea what they've gotten themselves into with this "visiting" Earth idea?

And I wonder what prompted the need to share fashion advice first and foremost---were we getting a reputation in the Galaxy for letting the "sagging pants exposing the underwear" thing get way out of control?

Makes me wonder. What does MGA Entertainment know that we don't know?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Any questions...?

Saw this on Hardball this afternoon and laughed out loud...! Much gratitude to, and thanks to Chris Matthews for showing this photo on your Aug 14th show!

Lightworking in the White House.

In the above interview Russ Baker confirms that it's not as simple as it seems...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Those UFOs over the London 2012 Olympic stadium: Duality Passaging

There’s been a hot debate on the internet over whether the large orb spotted over the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games was a UFO, or in fact a Goodyear Blimp. 

I say specifically GOODYEAR blimp, not only because I’ve always liked the name---I’d like to equate that specific word with 2012---but because the main argument for the orb being a blimp is that Goodyear has a contract to photograph the games this year. 

My question is, in the clip featured in Sky News, as well as the one I featured from my friends satellite feed, why are there no blinking lights characteristic of a blimp of this size?

Goodyear blimps, by FAA regulation, feature blinking lights on the tops and bottoms of all their blimps.  Goodyear did mention the fact that their Spirit of Europe II blimp was in the air that night, without the logo showing, but it seems they would still have to follow regulations and show their non-collision lighting.

Many have said they are helicopters, but the same kind of blinking lights would be detected in that case as well.

...and the answer(s)?

This has, in the state of a polarized society that has been trained and psychically driven to believe all of our reality has no grey area, caused a certain amount of temporary insanity. 

I mean, you know how it’s been for awhile…

We’ve been told to believe things can only be one way or the other.

There are only two options.

It’s black or white.


You are either with us or against us.

The word “blimptards” was even hurled about at one point. 

Wow…!  When did this all boil down to a reverse game of red rover, red rover?

It’s like driving on the freeway and only expecting people to be in one of two states:   driving at 70, or sitting at a complete stop. There can only be in-betweens to get to these states…so to expect and try to drive otherwise without the gradual in-betweens only creates chaos. 

But oh how in LA, people TRY… 

Which is why I know understand why in Defending Your Life, Rip Torn said,

“there is no hell, but I hear Los Angeles gets pretty close.”

There are other possibilities…

I don’t know pretend to know what the lights in these videos might be, but I know there are more than two options.    

This might help those tempted to join a “camp” on this subject.

They could very well be holographic projections…

In this clip, starting at about 1:40, John Lear describes how holographic technology is much more advanced than most people realize.  

He’s gotten a bit of attention from this as it relates to his theory on the actual truth of 911.

They could also very much be bio-forms we've never even heard of.

So called “rods” have been seen in some films, but not yet classified in our general knowledge. 

What are they?  I don’t know. 

There are probably many earth animal species in our atmosphere and in our oceans few humans, if any, have ever seen.

Remember James Cameron’s advanced underwater beings from The Abyss?

Its been said, that there are huge bio-beings in space as well.  This really makes me wonder when I compare that possibility to this clip from Space Shuttle Mission STS-75, now commonly known as the tether incident.

Is it possible that bio-beings of light are beginning to inhabit the lower atmosphere of our skies. As the control grids of our reality changes, who says this won't be a possibility?  

 So, it seems that if we look closely enough, we have quite a mess on our hands.  This becomes even more obvious when we acknowledge the fact, once again, that there were at least TWO orbs photographed that night, not just the one.  Did Goodyear have three blimps up in the air that night?

The one or the other debate is going to suffice less and less as we make this dimensional transition.
It’s interesting how quickly the debate has narrowed to two choices of a UFO or blimp when from my observation, there were at least two orbs seen over the stadium that night.

Part of the gift of being on earth at this time, is that we are being afforded the chance for the first time in eons to experience an array of relatively extreme changes right before our eyes.

These changes do include “disclosure”.  It will take a bit of time before we realize that we are all an active part of “disclosure” that we’re looking for.  This forces us to look at everything with an open mind, always remembering that life can’t be always reduced to a right answer chosen from only two options. 

As we move out of that duality thinking, we’ll be on the track we truly deserve….discovering who we really are, discovering our power, discovering our connection to abundance, and finally living a life where the sky is not the limit, but a portal to a much richer future.

Its not all about a choice between a blimp or a ufo...