Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Subtle Drop of Disclosure….?

Although there was much speculation over a distinctive disclosure event around the time of the London 2012 Olympics, evidence continues to support the theory that the “disclosure” many are searching for is happening---and will continue to happen everyday in drips, bits and pieces.


One small example smacked me upside the head the other day.  

I love animation, and I was watching one of those shows leading to the Adult Swim portion of the evening when right before my eyes they were advertising a line of dolls that looked like ETs called the Novi Stars.


To be more specific, they looked strangely like the alien-human hybrids some hear about through the X-files and Taken mini-series story lines. 

Further investigation into their blog has the alien visitors describing their Earth excursions. Sporting names like Una Verse and Mae Tallick, they hope to share new fashion trends with humans while getting used to every day Earth living.

Traffic, bank scandals, and actors posing as politicians pretending to create jobs through repetitive obsessive compulsive Planned Parenthood de-funding these visitors have any idea what they've gotten themselves into with this "visiting" Earth idea?

And I wonder what prompted the need to share fashion advice first and foremost---were we getting a reputation in the Galaxy for letting the "sagging pants exposing the underwear" thing get way out of control?

Makes me wonder. What does MGA Entertainment know that we don't know?

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