Friday, May 10, 2013

That LA Triangle UFO --- Some Screen Captures

I have to admit that my mind is still reeling from my sighting a few weeks ago.

How do I say this?  All of this was sort of happen-stance.

Because of some crazy experiences of my own, and because I've always been fascinated with space and flying as a kid, I have to admit a certain fascination with UFOs.

When one does enough research on the matter from several different angles however, one soon finds out
that this phenomenon is much more complex than just, "do aliens exist?"

In fact, much of the information going deeper in is quite disturbing.  I can truly understand why most of the populace is not ready for this yet.  Not completely anyway.

So I decided long ago to incorporate this information in some kind of palatable way in my artwork.  My music and animation will continue to incorporate such themes. 

They all focus on answering those questions:  who are we, where are we from, and why are we here?

So now, I can say, I got what I wanted.  I caught a UFO on camera.

I'm like a kid with a new toy.

Feels weird though to see the responses range from excitement to asking, "so, why did you take the time to film an electronic kite"?

So here's a few screen captures which show different aspects of the object not able to be seen in the videos.

 I did one of those little auto slide-shows with the vocal version of one of my songs that I might use in the show, and posted it on my animation site.

Hope you like it. 

In the meantime, I still continue to get feedback here and there as to what this might be, and on my next post I'll share that with you.