Thursday, December 20, 2018

What Its Like to Talk About UFOs -- Comic 3d Animated Short Video

Back in 2009ish I started making little music videos to showcase some of my dance music.

Oftentimes I would incorporate  UFO themes into the imagery of the videos.  It was just something that I was drawn to do.

Then the weirdness REALLY started when I had my own UAP sighting in 2013, one that lasted long enough for me to film it. 

I was forever changed by this, and went on spending alot of time investigating this experience, eventually discovering several months later that another person had seen it and posted the experience at NUFORC.

None of my research however, would prepare me for how difficult this was to share with some people...including ones who claimed to have earnest interest in the subject.

As I dive deeper into some 3d animation with Reallusion's iClone7 and Toonmaker2, I feel like its an appropriate time to continue some of the UFOArt I as inspired to do before, but with a little more specificity. 

In this short scene, Johnny has just had a UFO sighting and is sharing it was a skeptic and another marveling in wonder. 

Was still figuring out "sound", so please be gentle.

Inspired by the experience below. 

More to come...