Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Still Believe

The people of Earth people are quickly evolving, and beginning to liberate themselves.

Students are protesting in Montreal.

The Irish told the banksters “NO”.

Stateside, The Occupy Movement appeared, and still continues to find its focus.

But the latest and most promising news of human evolution is happening right here on Turtle Island with the news of Mr. Jonathan Krohn.

Mr. Krohn wowed the conservative world a few years ago as a prodigy after speaking at the 2009 CPAC convention. 

First of all, I have to say that I’m SO impressed with the fact that he is the first of a few, ever, who can admit that he is an evolving human. 

I mean, when in the general media have we ever heard anyone admit that their views have changed, or that they were in error about something in the past?  Few in the public eye have the gonads to do it.   A seventeen year old is leading by example.

Secondly, I’m extremely fascinated by the reaction from some of that same media, especially from the ones who touted him as a genius in the first place. 

Wait a minute.  We can’t have it both ways, can we? 

We’re a culture with a tendency to worship youth and its attributes.  We love to see the child prodigy beat the adults in the spelling bee or sing exactly like Christina Aguilara at age 7. 

And don’t get me started about the commercial with the stock-trading baby. 

But to see some of these same “adults” demonstrating that they only worship youth as long as that same youth is repeating them ad infinitum makes me want to remind them of one thing.  This country was founded on many ideas, including an individual is sovereign and a dismissal of the divine right of kings.  Forcing people to “pick sides” on any issue or belong to any “group”, based on these issues, is more akin co-creating the most feared “totalitarianism” that we supposedly took so many years to fight.

Krohn seems to be realizing what many have long ago…the left/right divide in this country is rigged to divide us.  Life has many different shades and grey areas, and is quite complex.  Within this complexity is the gift of who we actually are and why we all deserve to be free.

People are evolving beyond “two options” to life.  I believe it is so.

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